We hold practice and free play multiple times a week in Helen Newman Hall! Anyone Cornell-affiliated is welcome to come play and hang out regardless of skill level.

Fall 2022 Free Play Schedule:
Tu Th 6-8p, Sat 10a-2p
Location: Helen Newman Hall
See HNH's schedule here.

Have any questions about practice or upcoming events/competitions? Check below for some FAQs, email Daniel at dz268@cornell.edu, or shoot a message to our instagram account @cornellbadminton.

Recent Announcements

[11/7/22] Congrats to Cornell's team for placing fourth at the semesterly collegiate tournament!

The team has worked very hard to achieve this victory. Come to free play to test your skills against team players!


Do I have to bring my own equipment?

Bring your badminton shoes, rackets, and birds. (You can also borrow rackets and birds from the front desk, but they're not great.)

Do I have to commit to coming to free play regularly?

Nope! Come when your schedule allows.

Are there tryouts for the team?

There are tryouts for the collegiate team. However you can attend any non-collegiate tournament as part of Cornell Badminton without being in the team.

What shoes can I play badminton in?

Badminton-dedicated shoes are optimal because they grip the floor nicely and protect your ankles. Sneakers are alright for casual play. Black-soled shoes leave residue on the flooring and shouldn't be used.

I see that badminton is on the schedule in Noyes Gym as well, what's up with that?

Main club activities happen in Helen Newman Hall but nets and court lines are available in Noyes for independent play.

What competitions do the Cornell team participate in?

We participate in the Eastern Collegiate Team Badminton Championships, which are team tournaments and happen every semester. We also play in smaller, more local tournaments such as Crystal City; these tend to be individual.